Month: May 2023

How Much Does Ant Control Cost?

Ants can quickly create major problems for homeowners. A single course of ant extermination costs around $150. Fire ants present a more significant and challenging removal issue, requiring specialized treatment methods. Sugar ants, for example, can carry pathogenic bacteria into homes and ruin food packages. These pests also cause damage to wood. Barrier Sprays There…

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What is a Handyman and what are his responsibilities?

Handyman also known as a maintenance worker, handyperson or fixer is someone who can do a wide variety of repairs. These are usually used to maintain shops and buildings in great condition. The most common Handyman Services in Nashville TN include fixing gutters and cleaning them, installing shelves and painting. They may also be skilled at plumbing,…

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Landscaping is Much More Than Mowing and Mulching

Landscaping involves much more than mowing and mulching; it includes services such as planting flowers, trees, shrubs and other decorative plants. Landscapers specialize in installing sod and other hardscape features, such as pathways, patios, driveways, steps and fences. This process requires expertise and experience for proper execution. Planting Flowers Landscaping involves more than simply mulching…

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